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En esta página le daremos consejos sobre cultura, comida y bebida, tours y movilidad, así como información para encontrar oficinas y estudios. No enumeramos las direcciones con las que te tropezarás de todas formas, por ejemplo, los grandes cines o los restaurantes «normales». Si quiere decirnos algo sobre las entradas, por favor envíenos un correo electrónico a ¡Gracias!

Culture: Music | Theatre | Cinema | Specials
Gastronomy: Restaurants and coffee shops | Bars and Pubs
Miscellaneous: Tours | Mobility | Graffiti | Shops | Workspace | Books



● Musikbunker Alternative concerts in a special environment
Franz Super programme of various forms and styles – music, stand up comedy … You can also perform yourself!
Tango at the Elisenbrunnen – a must for all tango lovers. In the rotunda of the Elisenbrunnen with different DJs/ DJanes. Free admission. Due to Corona no dates at the moment – check the calendar!
Burg Wilhelmstein Concerts, theatre, cabaret at the foot of a castle. With picnic option
Café Chantant at Egmont pub – with guests from Liege. Everybody can sing (in Liège the toilet cleaners also do it), professionally accompanied. The band follows every pitch change with the singers …

Theater K private company, super productions, e.g. today Santa Claus comes …
DasDa-Theater also super productions, often refreshingly unconventional, in summer Shakespeare in the castle (Frankenberg)
Theater 99 also private troupe, also super productions, in summer Shakespeare in the castle
Mörgens experimental department of the municipal theatre, highly recommended

Apollo Kino & Bar The ingenious combination: Committed cinema programme, many original versions, not just mainstream. And club with live DJs. And cocktails …

Bookstore Backhaus «Spätlese»: you will be locked in the store, read as much as you can or want, with coffee, wine, snacks and nice people – the very special experience
● Black Table Close up magic theatre – and you still don’t see how they do it. Unbelievable. Recommendable!



Restaurants and coffee shops
● Leni liebt Kaffee best coffee, best breakfast, cake and dinner, with outside area
Best Friends delicious food, wide range, good cocktails, beautiful outside area, Pontstraße
Oishii right next door Super Sushi, watching while preparing, outside area Pontstraße, private room
● Bar Cantona small restaurant, interesting cuisine, nice courtyard
AKL Lebanese cuisine of the finest in the upper Pontstraße
Pippin one of the smallest but finest. A new theme menu every month
Justus K restaurant and wine bar in the Promenadenstraße – a rather untypical area for such a trendy location with unusual food
Madam Tam delicious Vietnamese cuisine
Ferbers in a park. breakfast, coffee and (great) cake, dinner
Bella Italia – Dining like in Italy, small and intimate – best to reserve
Leana und Luise brand new – the best ice cream far and wide. At weekends also breakfast
Café Liege Belgian cake in its finest form, in different places, i.e. on the square „Fischmarkt“

Bars and Pubs
Dry Super quality, good advice, outdoor area, no hangover the next morning
Hopfen und Malz one of the two craft beer pubs. You can drink and buy a lot of delicious beer brands. Additional beer brewing courses! They have the only good tasting non-alcoholic IPA I know: «Le Chauffeur».
Wingman the other craft beer address in Aachen. 100 Beers. Large outside area
Die WG und Kiez Kini the completely different gastronomy. Speciality in the Kiez Kini: Astra beer cocktails! Seriously!
Café Kittel (currently no own website due to change of owner) beautiful beer garden in the center of the city, hasn’t aged in decades
lastexit just newly enlarged and redecorated, outside area with a view of the sun until sunset
Vertical – die Weinbar wine bar open wines, food and drinks, whiskey and spirits, beautiful outside area
Domkeller a must go, directly by the cathedral, sometimes with live music, large outside area («Hof»)
Dumont another scenic beer garden in Aachen, rustic surroundings and concerts



Tours in the «three country corner» (Germany, Belgium, Netherland)
● The idyllic city of Maastricht (Netherlands) can be reached very cheaply with the «Schnellbus 350» from the train station or by train. Maastricht is the town for shopping, architecture and bars.
● There are many trains to the scenic city Liège (Belgium) every day. Just arriving there at the train station is an experience in itself. And the rest of the city too.
● There are plenty of cycle paths around Aachen and to Holland and Belgium. Best map: «Radwegekarte der StädteRegion Aachen» – it contains more junctions than there are currently … There is also an App for this. The map is available (free) in Zollernstraße at the StädteRegion administration.
● The Vennbahn (bike road) is a green axis through the city to Raeren and further (Luxembourg and Trier). As a former railway line, it rises only slightly from Aachen towards the Eifel. With gastronomy along the route. At the weekend also sometimes crowded.

Cambio Carsharing, eScooter (Voi and TIER), eBikes
SwapFiets – the ingenious invention. Bicycles for little money with full service. Much cheaper than the normal rental on an hourly or daily  basis if you need a bike for a longer period of time.
StreetScooter and e.go. When the Post Office asked VW, Mercedes and BMW in 2009 whether they could produce a small electric truck for parcel delivery in city centres, they declined. Professors Schuh and Kampker from Aachen took a different approach: within 4 years, they developed the StreetScooter from concept to production stage in cooperation with institutes of the RWTH. The German Post bought the company in 2014. The small car e.go followed in 2014 and went into series production in 2018. The story is super exciting, with production taking place in Aachen and Düren. At the moment both models are no longer in production, negotiations with investors are in progress. Corona didn’t make things any easier either …

Murals and Graffiti
Aachen has a long culture of murals and graffiti. There are lots of them – if you walk around with your eyes open. One of the first (political) artists was Klaus Paier from 1978 on – he was out at night and always had to expect to be caught. Today, his works are under monumental protection. Irony of history … A super site, where you can easily find murals and graffiti, is streetartcities.

«Regular» shops and those «wich make women happy» (shops where you can always find a nice present for yourself or others)
Buchhandlung Backhaus: no chain, small nice, dedicated, super assorted shop. Terrace for reading. Delivers as fast as Amazon – you just have to pick it up from nice people …
Hubert und Therese: fair organic fashion store, clothing, cosmetics and much more, e.g. «Zero Bullshit» – a deodorant without aluminium that works. All certified according to internationally recognised and valid quality seals such as «GOTS» (Global Organic Textile Standard), «FAIRTRADE» and «Fair Wear». Buy locally without sand waste.
Neooro: «Journey through the variety of tastes of hand-selected wines from Europe & distillates from all over the world.» And specialities from Aachen.
● mancherlei: «The special shop for individual and unusual jewellery» in the Jakobstraße
● Margoo: concept store on Franzstrasse. Jewellery, bags, decoration, cloths, small furniture, clothing …
● Van Hout Partout: furniture, home accessories, spices, luxury and delicatessen products close to chicken market
● Caros Lädchen: Gifts. interior design. stationery. Porcelain. Own design. retro. jewellery…

● Free website for searching and finding creative workspace:

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